With AAICF, small business owners in need of a business cash advance now have a hassle-free simple alternative to borrowing money. A business cash advance from AAICF provides your business immediate cash electronically wired into your business account without the requirement of collateral and without the confinement of a strict repayment schedule. No need to worry about late payment fees, repayment is through a percentage of your future Visa/MasterCard receipts, freeing your time to focus on using your business cash advance to improve your small business.

Traditional loans can be restrictive for small business borrowers. Secured loans require the use of collateral until the loan is repaid in full. This can cause considerable strain to the borrower's cash flow during the repayment process, especially for seasonal businesses.

Denial of a loan application may cause a small business owner to abandon the dream of expanding their own business. The great news is that credit history is not the only determining approval factor in getting the funds you need for your business cash advance. Even with blemishes on your credit, 80% of all merchants receive approval and funding for their business within ten (10) working days.

One of the greatest pressures of taking out a loan is the strict repayment schedule. With a loan, a borrower is bound by a contractual agreement to make fixed monthly payments towards the loan. Regardless of unpredictable revenue fluctuations, borrowers are locked into this amount and must somehow provide the funds even if business revenue is too low to make the monthly payment. A business cash advance is the perfect loan alternative. We get paid through future credit card receivables which means that your repayment is directly tied to your sales so if you have a slower that average month, your payments will be lower. Merchants like the positive impact this feature has on their cash flow.

Qualifying for a business cash advance is easy and pre-qualification is simple. If your business accepts Visa/MasterCard and have averaged at least $2,500 in monthly sales from those transactions for the last six months, AAICF is your solution to your small business financing advance needs. Simply provide us with your last consecutive four months of VISA/MasterCard statements and meet our basic underwriting requirements. Within about ten days you'll have the cash you need to help your business succeed wired directly to your business bank account. It's that simple! And unlike a loan, with a AAICF business cash advance, your ability to qualify for other financing is not affected.

To pre-qualify, simply fill out our easy 3-Minute Application. Click “Apply Now” and give your business access to a flexible source of cash and have the money you need in about a week!

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